PRI Trade Show 2017

The PRI (Performance Racing Industry) trade show was launched in 1986. Although the show has been moving around over the years, the 30th anniversary took place in Indianapolis which will hopefully become its official home for years to come. For those of you motorheads out there you know that SEMA is “the show” to see SEMA actually  purchased PRI in 2012. This being my first parts trade show, I learned how big of a following drag cars and dirt/asphalt cars have. Like any show this size you can’t help but become excited with all the many racecar drivers and teams roaming around. If you know who to look for you will be constantly finding hidden gems of racers within the crowds to run up to and say hello.

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One of the coolest parts of the shows was how PRI’s website (as well as a mobile app) provides you with a floor map/planner so you can map out the booths and things you wish to see while also letting you make notes.

Thursday morning I arrived in Indianapolis, getting to the show around 1pm in the afternoon. I took this time to get acquainted with the show and the massive amount of people and, more importantly, the insane number of incredible cars and suspension companies there. In some of the pictures you can see the fox shocks on display it was very cool to learn about the new fox suspension package in the new Ford Raptor.

Friday was the first full day talking with people at many of our vendors and all the many other booths at the show. Among all the many people signing autographs I was able to get a autograph from a star one of my favorite YouTube series Roadkill.

Saturday was the last day of the show where I was able to meet with more people to talk about AMF, such as finally putting names to faces at companies who I have been starting to establish relationships with. A fun part about PRI is getting to try out some of the amazing race simulators. Some of them we basic and some of them were fully moving roll cage simulators. Although I was in the top ten at one booth I had to accept that I was among professional racecar drivers and did not take home the prize.

Here are some of the awesome cars that were at the show!

For my first trade show of this size I would highly suggest it for someone to check it out next year lots of things to learn and see, everyone is very helpful with questions. They are all excited to hear and see what you are driving and working on at home. If you have any questions feel free to email us at


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