ISC Shock covers

ISC Coilover Covers

ISC is a automotive suspension company that sells suspensions products and coilovers. They have one product that we have used and realize works awesome for Powersports and other racing applications. The ISC coil over covers! Think of it this way When making a large purchase, what is the first thing that should come to mind? Maintenance should be what comes to mind and it is no different with coilovers. and powersport suspension By maintaining and caring for your coilovers you can drastically reduce likelihood of failure especially if you run rally trails snowmobiles whatever drives you! Protect your investment with ISC Coilover Covers today! Their coilover covers are offered in 300mm as well as a 370mm. Each coilover cover is made of 3mm neoprene. These coilover cover sleeves shed water and eliminate sand/dirt/mud/salt and debris from damaging your threaded shock body or you springs and keep adjusting easy and clean they also protect your seals and metal components from rusting and pitting from being exposed.

Here are some examples of the coilover covers on different applications..


These are on a Honda 400ex sport quad that gets riden through the woods mud and some hard pack trails where rocks are thrown up


Very muddy! even hitting a tree the covers came out perfectly fine with a very small rip and had been stretched from where a branch attempted to puncture the cover but did not prevail! Mike the rider says the covers come clean every time with just a water hose. They are of course NOT made for smaller ATV shocks so you just have to fold them a little tighter to your preference on the back side and your choice of adding zip ties.The rear depending on the shock fits perfectly!!


Here are the covers on the Owner of ISC North Americas Personal Sled!

Both riders love them because they are so thick they don’t rip like traditional shock covers. If you are interested we keep them in stock you can order them, pick them up or have them added on with you service. Contact us if you are interested! Happy riding or driving!