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Funny how the trickle down theory actually works in the bike world, as the 2018 Fox 32 Float 26 120 Performance GRIP Fork demonstrates. A few years ago, the new Fox GRIP damper would have been a high-end and quite expensive offering. Since the introduction of extruded bladder-equipped damping cartridges however, the spring-backed internal floating piston of the GRIP cartridge is now considered the affordable option. Mind you, affordable doesn’t mean under-performing. It simply saves you a lot of money compared to the pro race-level FIT4 system.

Still a sealed cartridge, the GRIP differs mainly from the FIT4 in a couple of ways. First, the GRIP’s internal floating piston (IFP) is resisted by a spring instead of a bladder. Comparatively, a bladder system will give more consistent damping at a finer level, but the spring version keeps 350 bucks in your pocket.

Of course, the GRIP’s compression damping is adjustable with a three-position lever. Open, medium, and firm settings give quick landmarks for on-the-fly tuning, with finer adjustment clicks between each. Rebound is also tunable with the bottom-mounted red knob.

When it’s time to maximize fun while still saving some cash, look no further than the Fox Performance GRIP damper fork. Greatness for less.

Actual weight: 1600 grams/3.53 lbs
120 mm (4.7″) travel
Axle to Crown: 472 mm
Float air spring
GRIP damper
3-position compression adjust lever
Open, Medium, Firm modes
Micro adjustments between
External rebound adjust
9 mm quick-release axle
1-1/8″ straight steer tube
Includes 3 volume reducers, star nut, brake hose guide
One year warranty
Made in Taiwan
Fox part # 910-20-336

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 10 x 5 in


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