DVO Emerald Inverted Downhill Fork, 26″, Tapered Steerer, Black


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A downhill fork with a wide range of adjustability and features a tunable compression circuit that can be removed without dropping the fork from the bike or losing any oil.

Off The Top (OTT) allows external preload adjustment of the negative spring for small bump compliance without sacrificing mid-stroke feel
Bottom Loader Compression circuit can be removed, reconfigured and reinstalled without removing the fork from the bike, the wheel from the fork or losing any oil
Nearly 400cc of Golden Spectro 7.5wt oil to keep temperatures down and seals and bushings lubricated
Twin tube open bath damper increases oil flow while eliminating excess oil weight
Carbon Torsion Arch stiffens the inverted design while also protecting the stanchions from damage
36mm hard anodized stanchion
Forged magnesium dropouts
42mm externally tapered, 7000 series alloy uppers

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 10 x 5 in


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