2018 Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock w/Lever


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Downhillers and all-mountain riders, your high-performance, lightweight big-hit shock is here! The 2018 Fox Float EVOL X2 Factory Shock is aimed at satisfying the needs of gravity riders, which these days includes those of us who pedal our 160 millimeter bikes uphill before railing down, as well as riders railing 200-plus millimeter DH rigs.

As long as you’ve got a three and a six millimeter hex key, you can smooth out anything you don’t like about your bike’s current performance. Independent compression and rebound circuits both have high- and low-speed adjustability, easily manipulated with three and six millimeter hex keys. Thanks to RVS (Rod Valve System) technology, the X2 responds instantly to terrain input, and allows a seamless transition between compression and rebound damping action. An additional level of competence is provided by the X2 lever, which toggles between your compression settings and a “firm” setting for efficient pedaling.

Supreme plushness and suppleness is achieved by the EVOL extra volume air can. It’s huge volume allows for a tunable spring rate with the addition of volume spacers, and small bump compliance that’s got to be felt to be believed.

Bring control and performance of your bike to the next level with the Fox Float EVOL X2 Factory Shock.

Actual weights:
2.0 x 7.875: 504 grams
2.25 x 7.875: 496 grams
2.5 x 8.5: 523 grams
2.5 x 8.5: 546 grams (for Specialized 2014-2018 Enduro)
High- and low-speed compression adjustment
High- and low-speed rebound adjustment
X2 2-position Open/Firm compression damping lever
RVS damping system
High oil flow
EVOL airsleeve
Kashima coating
Includes two orange volume reducers, 3/6 mm tuning wrench, 6 mm dial wrench, tuning guide, owners guide
Please state which size shock you would like:

2.0 X 7.875/51 X 200
2.25 x 7.875/57 x 200
2.5 x 8.5/63 x 216
8.5 x 2.25

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 10 x 5 in


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